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Sennheiser, headphones, earphones, headsets, 20%

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20% off headphones, earphones & headsets

Enjoy premium sound quality at affordable prices with Sennheiser

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Benefit highlights

  1. Save 20% on all Sennheiser products

  2. Enjoy premium sound quality

  3. Headphones, earphones, headsets and more

  4. Noise cancelling and wireless options available

Benefit information

We think you'll like the sound of this one.

Sennheiser make premium quality headphones, earphones, and headsets at affordable prices, whatever your budget.

They're consistently some of the best-reviewed products out there, so whether you're looking for a pair of noise-cancelling cans to silence the morning commute, or a pair of sporty buds for your weekend cycle - Sennheiser should be one of the first brands you consider.

Even better news - you can now save 20% on all Sennheiser products.

Music to your ears

Your music and movies deserve the best quality audio. That's what Sennheiser can provide.

No matter your budget, they have the perfect headphones, earphones, or headsets for you.

You'll find in-ear, on-ear, and in-ear configurations, plus noise cancelling and bluetooth options galore.

Sennheiser have products to suit every need, from music fanatics, to gamers, or business-minded folks settling down for a good old video conference.

Hit 'redeem' to browse all Sennheiser products and save 20%.

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