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Logitech, save, speakers, 25%

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25% off mice, keyboards, speakers & more

Discover stylish, trustworthy technology from Logitech, and start creating new, more enjoyable experiences

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  1. Save 25% on all Logitech products

  2. Offer valid for three purchases per person

  3. Save on mice, keyboards, speakers, and more

  4. Discover a wide range of business and personal products

Benefit information

Logitech designs products that help you create better experiences. They make our lives more fun, more productive, and more comfortable.

You'll save 25% on everything* with your Worldpay Benefits Club account. Just click ‘redeem' and browse our exclusive store.

Discover a wide range of stylish, trustworth technology, including mice, keyboards, speakers, and much more.

Starting out with the humble mouse and keyboard, Logitech now develops hundreds of products, covering iPad stands, keyboards, and cases, gaming peripherals, smart home switches and remote controls, webcams, and speakers.

You can filter products ‘for me' or ‘for business' - so it doesn't matter whether you're looking to put a little life in your home study, or upgrade your office tech - Logitech has you covered.

*Please note: this discount is only valid for up to three products per person

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10575 redeemed

Sorry, this benefit has ended!
Please take a look at our other benefits.

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