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Prevent cyber-criminals from exploiting key gaps in your home or office network with award-winning security software for PC, Mac and Android smartphones and tablets

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Protect yourself, your family and your business online with half price essential internet security from Kaspersky

Prevent cyber-criminals from exploiting key gaps in your home or office network with award-winning security software for PC, Mac and Android smartphones and tablets

Save £17 - £250

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Benefit highlights

  1. Save 50% on any of Kaspersky’s security packages

  2. Stay protected from the latest threats with software that’s always up to date

  3. Protect your business data and your customers’ data against theft, loss and corruption

  4. Award-winning anti-virus technology guarantees your safety

  5. Protect your family online with safe search filters to keep out unsuitable content

  6. Manage all your passwords in one place & make ‘forgot your password?’ a thing of the past

Benefit information

For better or worse, we live in a world where cybercrime is an everyday threat. The internet is now a prerequisite for every home and business – for some, it’s a way of life. 
Getting online can be like flying to an exotic country. You expose yourself to foreign viruses. Luckily protection is easy to come by – if you know what you’re doing.
Think of anti-virus software as an inoculation against these threats. It ensures that your digital immune system is up to scratch. Unfortunately, it can often be expensive.
That’s why we’ve teamed up with Kaspersky to cut the cost of your internet security in half. That’s a massive saving on something you can’t avoid. Imagine if you could save 50% on fuel, or electricity or water! 

What will I be protected against?
A computer virus behaves a lot like its real-life counterpart. A virus infects a computer with the intention of modifying or destroying its capabilities. Viruses are capable of reproducing and infecting other machines through file transfers or over networks.
Worms move across networks and are transferred through information channels like email. Because they seek out the addresses of other computers, worms spread very quickly.
Trojans cannot infect a computer on their own and often come bundled inside other, more innocent looking software. Once activated, they begin to execute commands that have not been authorised by the user. They can delete data, freeze your system, or steal important data.
Phishing works similarly to ‘fishing’ in that the attacker effectively casts a line and waits for a bite. The line they cast takes the form of an authentic looking email that will often impersonate a well-known bank. The hope is that the victim will mistake the email as genuine, click a link to well-produced mirror site and enter their confidential details, thus sharing them with the phisher. 
Keyloggers infect your computer and record the things you type. By identifying patterns, attackers can figure out passwords for bank accounts etc.

Kaspersky’s award-winning software protects against all these forms of attack, as well as hundreds of others. Once installed, it will stay up to date with the latest in security threats, ensuring that you always have the maximum protection available.


How long will my protection last?
Choose between 1 or 2 year’s worth of protection and always save 50%.


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Save £17 - £250

3719 redeemed

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