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Discover huge savings on refurbished computers from Lenovo, HP, Toshiba & many more, plus free 12 month warranty on all products

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Save 10% on heavily discounted laptops, computers & accessories from Tier 1 Online

Discover huge savings on refurbished computers from Lenovo, HP, Toshiba & many more, plus free 12 month warranty on all products

Save £15 - £350

8697 redeemed

Benefit highlights

  1. Get 10% off anywhere on the Tier1 website when you spend more than £99

  2. Get an exclusive 12 month free warranty on any product you buy

  3. Access exclusive member’s monthly discount to save up to 70% on selected hardware

  4. All computers are fully checked and service to meet Tier1’s ‘good as new’ promise

  5. Find refurbished accessories like mice, keyboards and monitors at a fraction of their retail price

  6. Even apply your discount to iPads, e-readers & cameras

Benefit information

With so many gadgets and gizmos being thrown at us every year, keeping up with the latest trends in technology can sometimes feel like someone’s put the treadmill on fast-forward.
These days, as it gets more and more important that your business be tech-savvy, high prices for mediocre machines can mean you start to fall behind the times…
That’s why we’ve partnered up with Tier 1 to make that up-hill battle a bit more of a Sunday stroll through the Cotswolds.
How does this work?
  • Tier 1 work with large companies (schools, banks, private corporations etc) to help their technology transitioning needs. When big companies need to dispose of their existing IT solutions, Tier 1 purchase their systems and refurbish them ‘good as new’.
  • Tier 1 offer these refurbished systems to their existing members at heavily discounted prices – often 70% cheaper than the prices shown on their website.
  • The remaining technology is sold on Tier 1’s website to non-members, along with a huge range of accessories and peripherals.
How can I benefit?
Once you redeem this benefit, you can join with Tier1 customers and save up to 70% through those exclusive weekly discounts. Take a look at the savings you could be benefiting from:



Tier1 Price

Lenovo X201 Laptop



Windows 7

Intel Core i5 2.4GHz processor


Toshiba R830 Laptop


128GB SSD Hard Drive

Windows 7 Professional

Intel Core i7 2.7GHZ processor


You’ll also be able to take 10% OFF anything from the Tier1 online store when you spend more than £99 – including refurbished mice, keyboards and monitors. 
In addition to traditional tech products, you’ll also find iPads, e-readers, cameras and iPods, all at greatly reduced prices and all refurbished to ‘good as new’. If you’re looking for some really special discounts, check-out the £99 store for some savings you wouldn’t believe. Remember, you get 10% OFF all over the Tier 1 site.


So what do you mean when you say refurbished?
We mean just that. These are computers that were adopted in working condition and lovingly brought back to greatness. They’re wiped, rejuvenated and cleaned inside and out, so that when they turn up at your doorstep, it’s like they’ve just got back from a long weekend at the spa.
Do all the computers come with Windows?
They do if they say they do. That’s the rule to live by. If an operating system isn’t specified, then it’s likely you’ll have to provide it yourself.
Why buy refurbished kit?
Tier1’s products come in exceptional condition and they’ve been doing this since 1995, so they know what they’re doing. You’re getting a computer here that’s as good as it was the day it was first made for a fraction of the cost. In other words: Why buy anything other than refurbished kit?
What will I get with the computer?
Unless specified, you’ll just get a power cable – so you’ll need to buy any peripherals for yourself. You can find a mouse and keyboard for as little as £9 with Tier1 though, so you should be well catered for. 
Will I get a warranty?
As standard, you’ll get a 3 month warranty from Tier1, as well as whatever happens to be left of the original manufacturer’s warranty. 


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Save £15 - £350

8697 redeemed

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