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Save on your transport costs with 50% off a Zipcar for Business account

Enjoy car hire from as little as £4.79/hour (excl. VAT) with Zipcar's revolutionary PAYG car hire service

Worth £118

1159 redeemed

Benefit highlights

  1. Get 50% off a Zipcar for Business account

  2. £25 free credit to get you started

  3. Gain 24/7 instant access to 1,500 cars on demand near your home or office

  4. Access all Zipcar locations worldwide, including London, Oxford, Bristol, Cambridge and Maidstone

Benefit information

Need an employee to go somewhere on business? Go to a meeting? You could hire a taxi. But that's expensive. You could give him your car? He doesn't have insurance.


Sound familiar?


Fortunately, there is an easier way. It's called Zipcar for Business, the world leader for cars on demand. With Zipcar, you get the car or van that you need, when you want it and you only pay when you use it. 


As a Worldpay Benefits Club member, you'll get 50% off a Zipcar for Business account - normally worth £118/year!


What’s so good about this benefit?

Save money Pay-as-you go cars on demand means you only pay for the exact number of miles you travel. You can drive from just £4.75/hr (excl. VAT).

Less frustration No forms to fill in, queues to stand in or reps to meet. Just one easy-to-use website, iPhone or Android app or 24/7 phone number.

More freedom Don’t let timetables, signal failures or depot opening hours control how you do your business.

Less wasted time No maintenance or cleaning worries. No MOT. No insurance. Zipcar take care of all that, leaving you to manage bookings and statements easily through your online account.

No Hassle Adding drivers to your account only takes 5 minutes. Employees register online and receive an immediate call back from Zipcar. After a live 3 way call with the DVLA, each employee is issued with their own Zipcard.


What is the benefit?

With this exclusive Worldpay Benefits Club package you will get…


  • 50% off a Zipcar for Business Account - worth £354
  • £25 free credit
  • Fuel, plus insurance and congestion charges included in the hourly rate
  • 24/7 instant access to over 1,500 cars and vans, most within 7 minutes' walk
  • Complete instant online control of your account
  • Pay-as-you-go payment that starts at as little as £4.75 an hour exc. VAT


There are over 1,500 cars and vans parked in on-street bays across London, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge, Kent and Surrey – so you should only ever be a 10 minute walk from your nearest vehicle.


Find out how quickly you enjoy the UK's best alternative transportation by locating your nearest Zipcar here.


How much you’ll save with Zipcar

It’s very expensive to keep a car in the city. As we’re sure you know. But perhaps you don’t know exactly how much. Well, why not see how using Zipcar compares with owning a car. 


How does Zipcar for Business work?

You and your employees can book any car or van online, on a mobile app or on the phone and be on the road within minutes.


Use your Zipcard to pick up and return the vehicle at any time of the day or night. Whether you need one car or twenty, morning or afternoon, every day or every now and then, Zipcar fits the bill.


With access to key management information online you can monitor every journey, so managing your budget and allocating costs couldn’t be easier.


Fine Print

This member benefit is only available to Worldpay Benefits Club members and new Zipcar for Business customers.


How do I get this benefit?

Click the 'Redeem this benefit' button. Register with Zipcar in minutes and enjoy savings worth £100s and hassle-free, money-saving driving for FREE.


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Worth £118

1159 redeemed

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