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Access to NearDesk offices nationwide

Get access to hot desks and meeting rooms at all around the UK. Download the smartphone app to find your nearest location, tap in and tap out with your NearDesk card and only pay for the time you use.

Save £24 - £54

Benefit highlights

  1. Free NearDesk Membership (worth £24)

  2. Access to hotdesks and meeting rooms in over 230 UK locations

  3. £10 credit each month for 3 months

  4. No monthly fee, just pay for what you use

Benefit information

As a Worldpay Benefits Club member, you get access to over 230 NearDesk locations around the UK. So the next time you’re out of the office and need to get some work done or require a meeting room off-site, you can use your NearDesk card to work smarter, wherever you are. 

It’s a home away from home (or an office away from the office) with free WiFi and a clean, quiet environment to help you get stuff done. Just set up your laptop and get cracking - there’s nothing standing in your way.

This is the perfect solution if you’re away on business and you need to catch up with work before the big meeting - or maybe you live far from the office and want to cut down your commuting costs. Maybe there’s a tube strike? Whatever the reason, NearDesk is a great way to get down to work, wherever you are.

What you'll get

Free NearDesk membership card (worth £24)
£10 free credit every month for your first three months
(Credit does not rollover)

To get started, hit that redeem button to order your membership card

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Save £24 - £54

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