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SimpleTax, 55%, tax return, software

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No-stress tax returns - save up to 55%

Calculate and file your tax return with SimpleTax's intuitive software, and save 55%

Save £5 - £15

Benefit highlights

  1. 55% off SA100 tax returns

  2. That's as little as £13.50 per return

  3. 14-day free trial

  4. On average, users save £250 on accountant fees

  5. Scan and record invoices and receipts as you go

Benefit information

HMRC recognised and MTD compliant, GoSimpleTax is an easy and accurate way to prepare and file your tax return.

Developed with everyone (not just accountants!) in mind, their jargon-free software performs hundreds of double checks, and lets you know which savings you could qualify for.

Want to send tax returns to HMRC from your desktop, tablet or smartphone? Click ‘redeem' to sign up to SimpleTax and save 55% with Worldpay Benefits Club. That means you could complete returns for as little as £13.50 each!

How does it work?

Enter any relevant income and expense data into GoSimpleTax's user-friendly forms, and their intuitive software will highlight any issues, to help ensure your tax return is 100% accurate.

When you're ready, click ‘Submit' to directly file your return to HMRC. Once you've done this, you'll receive a confirmation from HMRC, as well as a PDF copy of your return.

You can sign up for the gold and silver version of SimpleTax depending on your needs. Click ‘redeem' for a free 14-day trial, and 55% off your next tax return with Worldpay Benefits Club.

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What are the schedules that GoSimpleTax completes?

All schedules that form part of the SA100 are completed (Employment - SA102 Full/Short, Self-employment - SA103 Full/Short, Interest and dividends - SA100, Property - SA105, Income from pensions - SA100, Ministers of Religion - SA102M, Partnership - SA104 Full/Short, Residency - SA109, Capital Gains - SA108, Trust - SA107, Foreign - SA106) apart from MPs and Lloyds Underwriters.

What is a UTR?

UTR stands for Unique Taxpayers Reference and you will need this to complete your tax return - GoSimpleTax have lots of help and advice around this topic.

What if I need to create a return for myself and my partner?

Through one account you can add multiple returns, so simply create your account, add your details then choose to add an additional return for your partner.

How much will it cost me?

For the 17/18 return, you will be charged £13.50 (including VAT) per return created.

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