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Philips, save 25%, personal electronics, online

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Save 25% on Philips electronics

Save on the widest range of products from the Philips Online Shop, including kitchen appliances, shavers, toothbrushes, household appliances, beauty products and many more!

Save £5 - £75

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Benefit highlights

  1. Save 25% on everything from the Philips Online Shop

  2. Browse the widest range of Philips products

  3. World-class service and support

  4. 25 days return guarantee

Benefit information

If you’re looking for personal electronics, Philips provide one of the widest ranges available. Browse their Online Shop and you’ll find everything from kettles, toothbrushes and vacuum cleaners, to headphones and home audio.

Your Worldpay Benefits Club membership gives you an exclusive 25% off all purchases.

What’s available?

Choosing the Philips Online Shop means you get access to their widest range of products. Here’s a quick look at what’s available:

  • Shavers

  • Toothbrushes

  • Personal grooming

  • Mother and child care products

  • Headphones

  • Home audio

  • Irons

  • Vacuum cleaners

  • Kettles and coffee machines

  • Lighting

  • Plus much more

You’ll also find the widest range of refills and accessories, to help you get the most out of your purchases.

You’ll also get a 28 day guarantee on all products, plus world-class service and support. Click ‘redeem’ to start browsing and saving today.

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Save £5 - £75

10253 redeemed

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