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Up to 15% off personal and commercial van hire

Save on a wide range of vans from more than 80 locations nationwide

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Benefit highlights

  1. Up to 15% off all van rentals from Sixt

  2. 80+ locations around the UK

  3. A wide range of vehicles to suit your needs

Benefit information

Sixt has one of the largest van hire networks in the UK. They have 20+ locations in Greater London alone, and more than 80 nationwide.

Choose from their wide range of commercial vans, and get an exclusive up to 15% discount whenever you book with us!

A van-tastic range

You'll find everything from the classic Ford Transit (reliable and practical), to the VW caddy (light and nimble) - all the way up to the VW Crafter (the ultimate van, up to any task).

So whether you're moving parcels or moving house, Sixt has the van for you.

You'll find Sixt in all major towns and cities all around the UK, so you're never far away from the vehicle you need.

Flexible rental periods mean you can choose between hourly, daily, weekly, or even longer term hires - whatever you need to get the job done. Excellent service means you'll enjoy a smooth experience from the moment you pick up the keys, to the moment you hand them over again.

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