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Increase traffic to your website with 3 months free premium SEO

Climb the search rankings and attract more customers with full search engine optimisation – free for your first three months and half price if you decide to sign up afterwards

Worth £199

8378 redeemed

Benefit highlights

  1. Three months free premium SEO

  2. Normally worth £199/quarter

  3. Increase your website’s visibility across the internet

  4. Just supply a few keywords – our experts take care of the rest

Benefit information

Search engine optimisation boosts traffic to your website by increasing your exposure across the web. We use specialist tools and techniques to ‘get the word out’ about your site, bringing more potential customers to your door.

A quality service

It’s important to take a quality approach to SEO. When done properly, links to your site get included on multiple pages across the web, pushing you up the search rankings. Building relevant, trustworthy links is the key success here. Many services will offer you cheap, spammy links that will actually damage your site’s reputation.

We’re offering you full ‘white hat’ SEO, meaning our experts will build authentic links on the kind of sites relevant to your business. Normally you’d expect to pay £199/quarter for this level of optimisation. 

As a Worldpay Benefits Club member, we’re offering it to you free for three months. If you like the service, you’ll then have the option to sign up for just £29.99/month.

See how our service dramatically increased the number of backlinks across the web for Heybridge Hearing...

That means more traffic for your website. Look how Swedish Smile Clinic's social media shares soared thanks to our help...

What’s included?

This is premium search optimisation, meaning we go above and beyond what you’d normally get with similar services. Take a look at the features you can expect to see:

  • Optimisation
    Our experts will ask you for a few keywords relating to your business. Once we have that information, we’ll go about boosting rankings for your URL and search terms.

  • Fully serviced
    We ask for very little on your part. Our experts will recommended changes to your site and make any edits on your behalf should you want or need them.

  • Social media
    It’s important to maintain a strong social media presence these days, but clocking up a significant number of likes and follows can take a long time. This package includes membership to a community of other site owners, working on a ‘like-for-like’ basis. Follow their page and they’ll follow you back.

  • Reputation check
    Having reviews on your website is a great way to encourage future sales, but only if they’re positive. We’ll allow you to check how likely a customer is to leave a good review before you ask them to write one.

  • Sub URLS
    Many SEO services will only increase rankings for your site’s homepage. Our premium service includes the option to optimise five sub URLS from your site too.

  • Top ten placement
    We can guarantee one key search term for your site featured in the top ten results on over 225 search engines.

Our search engine optimisation service is free for the first three months so you can start to appreciate the extra traffic and sales it brings to your business. After that, we’ll only ask for £29.99/month to continue bringing you this fantastic service.

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Worth £199

8378 redeemed

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