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SEO Optimisation Service

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Attract customers on Google Maps for free

Put your business where your customers are searching. Let our experts set you up on Google Maps for free.

Worth £99

47258 redeemed

Benefit highlights

  1. Our experts will create your Google Business Page, completely free of charge

  2. We’ll highlight you on Google Maps too – driving customers to your business

  3. We’ll expose your business to thousands of potential new customers

  4. No effort required – we do all the hard work

  5. Perfect for businesses just getting started online


Benefit information

Every day, thousands of potential customers are searching Google Maps for businesses just like yours. If you’re not in the results, you’re missing out.

That’s where we come in. Redeem this benefit and our experts will create your Google Business Page for free, highlighting you on Google Maps and boosting your exposure.

Once we’re done, this is what people will see when they search for your business:

Here’s what you can expect:

  • We’ll expose your business to new customers searching on Google Maps

  • We’ll highlight key details, including opening times, photos and directions

  • We’ll feature reviews from past customers, to help build trust

  • Your page will show up on desktop and mobile, targeting customers wherever they’re searching

The best bit? It’s completely free and effortless. You don’t ever pay us anything and you won’t have to lift a finger. No technical know-how necessary.

Just click ‘redeem’ and we’ll get to work.

See how we helped generate 335,608 views for Martial Arts & Fitness…

They jumped over 150,000 views in just three months!

and look at RSPB Minsmere’s 4.7 star customer rating

Customer ratings help show that you’re a trustworthy business, and really encourage future sales.

We’ve highlighted Jar Kitchen on Google Maps, helping to drive footfall

Our experts will put a big red marker over your business on Maps, so when people search for relevant keywords, they’ll be led right to your front door.

Here’s what your fellow business owners are saying…

Lesley Butcher | Ashford Grange Bed and Breakfast - Derbyshire |

“My Google business page has helped significantly with search engine optimisation already. The page has received almost 12,000 views, three 5 star reviews and has dramatically moved up in the search rankings on Google in the 7 months since redeeming this benefit.”

Phil Lee | Schooldays Of Bromsgrove - Worcestershire |

“The Google Discovery Pack is amazing, it has helped so much with SEO and my ranking on Google. I now have over 12,000 views on my Google page, as well as 3 reviews and an improvement on my search placement on Google. It really got me noticed all over the web and the help and excellent advice from the Google expert Rosa has been second to none.”

Want us to get started building your Business Page? Just click 'redeem' and fill in your details on the screen that follows. 

Please note: this benefit is for unclaimed pages only. If you already have a page, we can’t build one for you, sorry. 

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Worth £99

47258 redeemed

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