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Make the headlines with a free press release distribution

Drive exposure by putting your business in front of 1,000's of journalists. Increase your chances of being featured on major networks worldwide.

Worth £350

4190 redeemed

Benefit highlights

  1. Send your press release directly to over 1,000 journalists

  2. Get featured by major news outlets, including Yahoo and Bloomberg

  3. Upload and send in just a few minutes

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What people are saying

"Incredibly helpful"

“It allowed us to get our press release distributed to hundreds of journalists and bloggers"

Alex Rowley | Justaskmeout

Benefit information

Struggling to get any traction when it comes to PR?

PR Newswire distribute your press release to the people who matter. That means journalists, news websites and bloggers. Your news appears on a big screen in their offices. PR Newswire take your bottled message and send it in the right direction.

What you'll get:

A free distribution from PR Newswire

What should I write about?

The whole point of a press release is to announce some news and get some attention for your business. You could write about a new product launch, a new store, even a website rebrand. Remember: you want to catch the attention of some journalists and get them writing about you.

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Worth £350

4190 redeemed

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