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£60 free advertising credit from Bing

Increase your exposure online and drive more customers to your business with a targeted advertising campaign from Bing Ads

Worth £60

4671 redeemed

Benefit highlights

  1. £60 free Bing Ads welcome credit

  2. Target over 765 million monthly searchers*

  3. Over 29 million unique searchers not on Google*

  4. Credit is only used when you see results

  5. Expert support from our dedicated team

  6. Available for first-time users only

Benefit information

Bing is one of the world’s largest online search engines, with over 29 million unique users in the UK alone. If you’re not advertising there yet, you could be missing out on potential customers and revenue.

As a Worldpay Benefits Club member, you can get £60 free credit to get you started when you create a new account with Bing Ads. 

Use your credit to create a campaign and see how much extra business you could bring in with Bing. It’s perfect for local and online businesses as you can target potential customers searching online.

Target new customers

An advertising campaign with Bing Ads will mean your business ranks at the top of search results when people are looking for keywords associated with the products/services you offer.

A less saturated marketplace at Bing means you’ll be up against less competition, so your business is more likely to rank higher for the keywords you choose. You’ll also find that high quality keywords often cost substantially less on Bing than their Google counterparts.

Even if you’re already advertising with Google, a Bing Ads campaign will help you increase your exposure. Thanks to an 18.1% market share*, you’ll be able to target a whole new group of potential customers.

Why choose Bing?

There are lots of reasons your business should be advertising on Bing. Take a look at a few of the highlights:

  • Target potential customers globally or locally

  • 765M monthly searchers and 29M unique searchers that you will not find on Google*

  • Easily import existing Google campaigns

  • Reach customers on a wide range of devices

  • Only pay when someone clicks on your advert

  • Dedicated support from our team of experts

If you’re ready to get started advertising on Bing, just redeem now for your £60 free credit. Remember: this free credit is for new customers only.

*comScore Explicit Core Search (custom), December 2015; Bing Network includes Microsoft and Yahoo Core Search sites. 

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Worth £60

4671 redeemed

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