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email marketing software

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Free email marketing software from Mailigen

Even with no experience, you can target customers and drive sales with great looking, professional emails

Worth £480

7145 redeemed

Benefit highlights

  1. Free email marketing software – worth £480/year

  2. Easy to use – get started in minutes

  3. Drive sales with professional campaigns

  4. Send unlimited emails to 10,000 customers a day

  5. Click 'redeem' to try it for yourself

What people are saying

"I was really impressed"

“I can now send emails to so many more customers compared to my old email marketing software!”

Derek Breslin | Magik Moments

Benefit information

These days, if you’re not engaging with your customers online, you might be missing out on potential sales. Email marketing can be ten times as effective as advertising on Google or Facebook, so it pays to get it right.

Mailigen gives you everything you need to create full, professional campaigns that work - even if you’ve never done any email marketing before. Just click 'redeem this benefit' to try it for yourself.

You'll have more than 30 customisable templates at your fingertips, so you can send something great looking with just a few minutes work. It's as easy as dragging content into your email and choosing your recipients.

Mailigen also make tracking results really simple. You'll be able to see how your emails have performed at a glance and make the right changes to future sends to drive more customers to your business.

Want to get started? Just redeem this benefit and follow the instructions.

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Worth £480

7145 redeemed

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