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£30 off your driving lesson package

Book any lesson package with Midrive and we'll give you £30 off

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  1. Get £30 off when you buy any Midrive package

  2. Discount is equal to the average lesson price

  3. Book lessons with top local instructors

Benefit information

Thinking about learning to drive? Learn the smart way with Midrive. They'll support you for your entire journey, from finding a trusted local instructor, to preparing for your theory and practical tests.

To get you started, we're giving you £30 off any lesson package from Midrive. That's roughly the price of an average lesson, depending on where you live.

Not just reinventing the wheel

Midrive rethinks how you book driving lessons. They have the largest marketplace of independent instructors, all vetted by their dedicated team. Just tell them where you live and when you're available, and they'll do the rest.

Settling up for your lessons couldn't be easier with secure online payments. No more dashes to the cashpoint before your instructor arrives.

Once your lesson's over, Midrive will deliver detailed reports via their smartphone app, so you can get essential insights on your progress. And if you're gearing up for your practical, their 24 module interactive curriculum will put your fears to rest.

Terms and Conditions

Discount codes are worth £25 off Midrive packages, which is equivalent to the price of an average Midrive lesson. Prices do however vary by postcode region. This offer can be used in conjunction with the bulk discounts that are already displayed on Discounts or codes are applicable to first time purchases with Midrive only. First time customers are permitted to use only one discount per purchase. Subsequent purchases will not be eligible for any discounts, unless otherwise specifically stated. Our promotions and discounts run for limited periods of time, specified on the adverts, coupons or leaflets. We do not offer any guarantee or intention to honour any promotional offer or discount after the expiry date.

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Special rates

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