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Get 10% forever on cleaning from Housekeep

Want to get your home looking spic and span? You don't need a cleaner; you need a Housekeeper!

Special rates

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Benefit highlights

  1. Save 10% on quality house/flat cleaning

  2. Book online in minutes

  3. Get the cleaning done while you're out shopping, with Housekeep's secure key holding facility

  4. The Housekeep promise. If you're not 100% satisfied, they'll come back and try again.

  5. Don't know your cream cheese from your cream cleaner? Housekeep will bring the supplies!

  6. Fully insured. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, rest assured - you're covered.

Benefit information

Few of us actually enjoy cleaning - and we're very suspicious of the ones who do. We tend to miss the little details in the rush to get back to watching telly, or heading out for dinner. 

It's time to put your feet up. You can put them down again once we're done hoovering…


10% off every clean from Housekeep


All Housekeep Housekeepers come with a guarantee, so you know your home is in good hands. Your cleaner will have passed a rigorous exam before being released into the wild and with Housekeep's high standards, you can rest assured, that means something special.

Their standards are so high in fact, if you're not completely satisfied with the cleaning your home receives, you can summon them back at no extra charge to finish the job. 

Whistle While (They) Work

Once you've booked your cleaner, you can use Housekeep's secure holding service to drop off the keys to your castle. That way, you can head off to work, head out to the shops, go skydiving - whatever takes your fancy - while your home gets the clean of its life. No stress, no worry - just great service. 

A Polished Service

When you book a Housekeeper, you're charged a fixed price for the clean. Don't worry, you're not being scammed - quite the opposite actually. Since Housekeep don't charge by the hour, your cleaner will stay until the job's done. They'll never run out on you just because the meter's up. 

If you want extras like oven cleaning or ironing (who wouldn't?!) you can just bolt those onto your order like side dishes. Tasty side dishes. 

Bring Your Own Brillos

Don't worry if your cleaning cupboard looks a little bare; Housekeepers can bring their own supplies for an extra £2.50. Let them know beforehand and they'll make sure they arrive well-stocked. 

How do you get your discount? Just click on that freshly polished 'redeem this benefit' button. 


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Special rates

3458 redeemed

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