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Free business email management software from ActiveInbox

Make sense out of your cluttered inbox with a free year of ActiveInbox for Gmail. Never forget an email or lose track of work again.

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Benefit highlights

  1. A year’s free access to ActiveInbox Personal for Gmail

  2. Take control of your inbox with powerful organisational tools

  3. Prioritise and track your most important emails

  4. Save time and increase productivity

Benefit information

Cluttered inboxes are a problem for businesses of all sizes. You know there’s an important email in there somewhere, but you just can’t find it. ActiveInbox is a tool for Gmail which can revolutionise the way you work, helping you bring order to the chaos.

A new way of working

Email has been around since the seventies, but until now, no one has seriously thought about how to make it work properly.

ActiveInbox lets you take control and helps get you back to ‘inbox zero’ - a legendary state where all your emails are tidied away and your inbox is empty. By turning your emails into tasks, it lets you prioritise and organise like never before.

As a Worldpay Benefits Club member, you'll get a year's free access to ActiveInbox's Personal plan - normally worth $39.99 a year.

Powerful organisation

ActiveInbox is an add-on for Google Gmail. As soon as you install it, you’ll find a full suite of features layered on top of your existing inbox.

You can instantly archive emails, marking them for future action, setting a due date, or adding them to an existing project. You can also filter your messages by ‘today’ to narrow your field of vision and concentrate on what’s important right now. All of this helps organise your inbox, making it easy to find important messages in future.

When you’re sending emails, ActiveInbox lets you track replies and easily see all the messages you’re waiting on at a glance. You can also see all your previous emails with a contact, so you’re properly informed when writing your new message.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to hand over access to my emails to use this service?

No, you’ll be able to use 95% of ActiveInbox's features without giving them access to your emails. That extra 5% is completely optional.

What internet browser do I need?

ActiveInbox is available as an extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

Can I use this on my phone?

Sorry, ActiveInbox is desktop-only right now but a mobile app is in development. You’ll still be able to find all your emails on your phone though, neatly organised into folders.

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Worth £26.06

1067 redeemed

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