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Get a free online business card

Engage more customers and boost your online presence with a free online business card

Save £5 - £10

Benefit highlights

  1. Free online business card

  2. Enhance the SEO performance of your existing website

  3. Optimised for any device - including mobiles, tablets and PCs

  4. Site includes contact form and key information about your business

Benefit information

If you're a small business trying to develop your online presence, then this Worldpay Benefits Club benefit could be exactly what you need.

Get your business mobile-ready with a complimentary Webcard. This is an optimised web page featuring important information about your company, such as:

  • Key contact information

  • Description of your products and services

  • Opening Hours

  • Photo gallery

  • Map of where your business is

  • Push your business further

Even if you already have a business website, your free page from Worldpay Benefits Club can include backlinks to enhance its SEO performance.

Your Webcard will be optimised for any device, including mobiles, tablets or PCs, and will be hosted on a free branded sub-domain, for example: You may also buy your own unique domain name separately.

How do I get started?

Once you've redeemed this benefit, you will be taken to a page where you can provide some key details about your business and register for an account.

A welcome email will be sent out to you with your customer login details, so you can add or update content in the future. A consultant will also be in touch to help you get the most from your Webcard.

Please note that all prices and savings exclude VAT.

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Save £5 - £10

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