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A box of quality wines for just £19

Get over 60% off your first four bottles of artisan wine from sippBOX

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Benefit highlights

  1. Your first sippBOX is just £19

  2. Four bottles of quality wine

  3. Choose your own bottles (or leave it to fate)

  4. Cancel your subscription anytime

Benefit information

You deserve a better class of wine. You deserve something that’s been made by experts and sourced by people who know what they’re talking about.

Enter sipp – they travel the world looking for the best wines, then they box them up ready to be delivered straight to your door.

We’re giving you your first sippBOX for less than half price! You’ll pay just £19 instead of £39. That works out at just £4.75 a bottle. Cheers!

Okay, so technically you’re saving 63.46153846153846%... but we thought “less than half price” sounded better.

“Sounds all white to me!”

Know what kind of wine you’re after? No problem. Just tell sipp and they’ll give you four bottles of white, four bottles of red, or four bottles of sparkling. Not all at the same time though.

If you prefer to live on the edge, then keep quiet. sipp will fill your box with a bottle of each, plus another at random. It’s good to be reckless every now and then.

Oh and delivery is free, by the way. Just place your order and your sippBOX will be with you in 2–5 working days.

And just so you know – you’ll be automatically subscribed to monthly deliveries from sipp, but don’t worry – you can cancel anytime you like, even after your first box.

So what are you waiting for? Stop settling for second-class wine and start sipping on something better.

Terms and Conditions

Get a better than 1/2 price sippBox through Perkbox. 1/2 price first box offer available with entry of promo code. One use per customer. Subscription to a new world great quality wine, delivered with cutting edge technology through the app on your smart phone that helps you understand and enjoy wine like never before. First box is £19 for 4 quality wines including delivery. sippBOX 4 RRP is £39. Bottles sold individually at worth over £50. Subsequent boxes will be from our sippBox selection - default to a mix of 3 red, white or sparkling, choose all 3 white, all 3 red or use our sippBuilder tool to create your own. sippBox subscription is £29 per month which includes free delivery. sippBox customers can unsubscribe at any time. Entry offer expires 31.03.2018. Free delivery included - standard 2 - 5 working days.

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