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A free cold drink from Caffè Nero

Better not act too chilled – this limited-time perk expires 22/09/17!

Save £2 - £5

16537 redeemed

Benefit highlights

  1. One free iced coffee, Frappe Crème, or Fruit Booster

  2. Choose any size drink

  3. Redeem in seconds – just show your code in store

  4. You can only redeem this perk once

  5. Expires 23:59 22/09/2017

Benefit information

Caffè Nero’s delicious range of cold drinks are the perfect way to cool down this summer. Refresh yourself with a Fruit Booster, indulge yourself with a Frappe Crème, or get a cool caffeine hit with an iced coffee.

The best part? It’s totally on the house. Choose any size drink from our cool special selection and we’ll pick up the tab.

Iced coffees

Choose anything from Caffè Nero’s menu of iced coffees. Here’s what’s available:

  • Iced Latte – two shots of espresso, milk, plus a touch of sweetness, poured over ice
  • Frappe Latte – espresso, blended with milk, ice, and Caffè Nero’s frappe mix
  • Espresso and Caramel Frappe Latte
  • Mocha Frappe Latte

Frappe Crèmes

Looking for something a bit more indulgent? Caffè Nero’s Frappe Crème range mixes chocolate with ice and cream to bring you a delicious burst of cool decadence...

  • Raspberry and Belgian White Chocolate
  • Triple Belgian Chocolate

Fruit Boosters

Escape the hot weather with a refreshing fruit booster. They deliver natural fruity taste explosions, perfect for cooling down when you’re out and about.

  • Alphonso Mango and Passionfruit
  • Raspberry and Blood Orange

Want your free drink? (Why wouldn’t you?) Just click ‘redeem’ and show your code in any Caffè Nero café.

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Save £2 - £5

16537 redeemed

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