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Save 20% on personal health screening

Perform a health MOT in the comfort of your own home with a LiveSmart Health Check package

Save £45 - £75

2169 redeemed

Benefit highlights

  1. Save 20% on all orders

  2. Cover all major areas of your health with up to 39 tests

  3. Explore results on your personal LiveSmart dashboard

Benefit information

There‚Äôs nothing better than a clean bill of health, but knowing which steps you should take to improve your lifestyle can be just as rewarding. 

LiveSmart allow you to track your well-being through comprehensive blood tests that cover all the major areas of your internal health. As a Worldpay Benefits Club member, you can save 20% on all orders. 

Take control of your health

In most cases, the sooner a health issue is tackled, the easier it is to resolve. By analysing your current health alongside your medical history, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices, a LiveSmart health assessment can help you spot any warning signs before symptoms arise

No appointment necessary

Using a simple blood collection kit, you can collect a personal sample in less than ten minutes. This can then be sent to be tested at an accredited London-based laboratory. 

Your results will normally be available to view the results within five working days on your LiveSmart dashboard. From there you can explore your health analysis in more detail, and learn more about results that may be either in or out of range for your age or gender. 

Best of all, your LiveSmart doctor will review your results against your profile, and provide expert advice for the areas you can improve on.

Choose your package

LiveSmart Plus - The Plus package includes 34 blood tests that analyse every major biological system to help you keep track of your health. 

  • Cardiovascular health 

  • Liver function 

  • Kidney health

  • Bone health

  • Blood health 

  • Immune system 

  • Vitamin D deficiency

LiveSmart Premium - In addition to all 34 tests in the Plus package, LiveSmart Premium includes five extra tests.

  • Diabetes risk

  • Thyroid health

  • Omega-3 to omega-6 ratio

  • Blood typing

  • Inflammation marker


Can I take my results to my local GP?

Absolutely. Just go to the summary page on your LiveSmart dashboard and print your results.

Can I get other tests done?

Additional tests can be performed on request. Get in touch with LiveSmart for a custom quote.

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Save £45 - £75

2169 redeemed

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