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Access discounted corporate rates at major UK gyms

Save at the UK's biggest gyms including Virgin Active, Spirit and Fitness First and more

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Benefit highlights

  1. Save on gym memberships at over 2500 UK's gyms, leisure centres and health clubs

  2. Pay no or tiny joining fee at any participating chain, inc. Virgin Active, Spirit, Fitness First & many more**

  3. Discounts are also available to existing members of participating gyms*

  4. Sign up to find your nearest gym where you can access your discounts

Benefit information

We are offering a benefit that lets you enjoy the best corporate membership rates at the UK's major gyms. With Worldpay Benefits Club access the same health club scheme used by many of the UK's largest employers, guaranteeing you hugely discounted rates at your local gym.

What you'll get:

Reduced pricing at major UK gyms, including Virgin Active, Total Fitness, Spirit and Fitness First.

When you redeem your exclusive gym rates, you'll be able to choose from over 2,500 locations across the UK. You'll always get the lowest available corporate rate for the type of membership you require whether you are an existing or a new member. What's more, you'll pay either no or a substantially discounted joining fee at any participating gym or health club.

You can use your corporate gym discounts at most of the UK's leading gym chains, as well as at many independent health clubs. Simply redeem this deal by pressing the "Free with membership" button and follow the instructions to discover your nearest gym.

Need to know:

This member benefit is only available to Worldpay Benefits Club members. Please review the Terms and Conditions associated.

*While a minority of gyms only offer discounts to new joiners, many participating gyms will let existing members transfer to Incorporate membership rates immediately with no penalty, provided you are currently paying via direct debit.

**Many clubs, but not all, offer a reduction or waiver of the joining fee.

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96974 redeemed

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