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Save at the London Dungeon if you dare…

Take your fiends and family for a spin through the darker side of London's history

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Benefit highlights

  1. Save on your trip to London's underworld

  2. Experience a day of terror you won't forget in a hurry

  3. Get up close and personal with the grizzly history and myths of London

  4. Take a group of friends for a party that everyone's likely to remember

Benefit information

London - the South Bank: a mad king beheads his enemies; a terrorist plots to blow up parliament; a demon barber gives his customers a close shave to remember…
… and in the darkness, The Ripper is waiting.
In the shadowy depths of The London Dungeon, the gory history of the capital comes alive. Truth and fantasy blend into one. There's nowhere to run and no one to trust. 
Will you make it out in one piece?

You'll love this benefit if…
  • You're a family looking for a terror-rific day out.
  • You're looking to scare your friends with an experience no one forgets in a hurry. 
  • You're visiting London and want to see the city in all its gory. 

For 40 years, the London Dungeon has been the place to go for thrills and scares. Educational as it is terrifying, you'll find yourself pausing for thought almost as often as screaming for your life. 
With a tour that takes visitors on a journey through time, you'll meet faces that have inspired fear in the hearts of men for centuries. From Henry VIII to Guy Fawkes, from Jack the Ripper to Sweeney Todd - some of them are real; some are legend. All will bring a chill to your spine. 
With our exclusive discount you can save money on entry to the dungeon anytime you like. 
Just remember: you might not make it out quite so easily…


Can I use this offer more than once?
Use it as many times as you dare! You get the same great savings every time you book.
How do I get my tickets?
We'll give you a code which you'll need to quote over the phone when you're booking. Then you'll need to take a print-out of your redemption instructions along on the day, plus the code we gave you.
Are there any rats?
You'll find loads of rats down in the dungeon. Lucky for you, they've got their own special enclosure, so you can see as much, or as little of them as you like. 
I'm a wimp - is this right for me?
You'll need nerves of steel to survive your trip to the dungeon, but if you're worried that you might not be up to it, you can take this test on the London Dungeon website to find out for sure.


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Special rates

7961 redeemed

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