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Save on tickets to Madame Tussauds

Take a trip down London's own walk of fame & spend a day rubbing shoulders with the stars

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Benefit highlights

  1. Save on tickets to one of London's most historic attractions

  2. See the world's most lifelike waxworks & get your photo taken with your favourite celebs

  3. Take a trip through history - give Winston Churchill a big hug

  4. Buy in bulk to reduce your ticket prices even more

  5. Scare your friends and family in the world-famous Chamber of Horrors

Benefit information

Where in London can you hang out with James Bond, Marilyn Monroe, One Direction, The Hulk and The Royal Family? Where can you have your photograph taken with all the world's greatest celebrities at once?
You might find the performances a little wooden, and to be honest no one's very good conversation, but Madame Tussauds is the only place in London you'll find the rich and famous all under one roof.

This is right for you if…
  • You're visiting London & want to see one of the most famous attractions.
  • You're looking for something different to do with your day in the capital.
  • You have very gullible friends who really want to meet One Direction.

Madame Tussauds was founded by Marie Tussaud in the early 1800s with the fundamental belief that one day, London tourists would long for a way to see a waxwork Barbara Windsor rubbing shoulders with former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell.
Originally more gruesome, the attractions once featured infamous criminals and murderers. These days the models you see are far more likely to have committed crimes against music than anything more serious - but if you're looking for a darker subject matter, many of the scarier waxworks of old can still be found in the world renowned Chamber of Horrors.
Some of the exhibits are so realistic, you might find yourself wondering ‘have they had work done?' In the case of a few Hollywood dames, that might be a perfectly reasonable thing to ask…
Please note: Your ticket is an entrance-only ticket and does not include fast track, this can be purchased separately on arrival at applicable locations


Is this a one-off deal?
Nope - you can benefit from this discount as many times as you like. If the kids are begging to go back next weekend, there's no reason not to - unless they've not tidied their rooms, that is.
How do I get my tickets?
We'll give you a code which you'll need to quote over the phone when you're booking. Then you'll need to take a print-out of your redemption instructions along on the day, plus the code we gave you.
Can I touch Harry Styles?
Feel away! Get as up close and personal as you like - within the usual bounds of UK law.
How old do I need to be?
As long as you're over 13, you can get in without adult supervision. Any younger, you'll need a guardian around. 
Can I get an autograph?
You're welcome to try.
Are there any other offers I should know about?
Yes actually, now you mention it. Anyone with a Blue Peter badge gets free entry with a paying adult, so dig out that one you got from Peter Purvis and wear it proud. 


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Special rates

11857 redeemed

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