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Stream any SD movie worth up to £3.50

Give your movie nights some muscle. Watch any movie worth up to £3.50 on your TV, smartphone and tablet. It's on the house, every month with Rakuten TV

Worth £3.50

61271 redeemed

Benefit highlights

  1. Rent a new release in standard-definition on the house every month

  2. Click through our link to see all available films

  3. No sign-up fee or hidden charges

  4. Offer is only available for movies worth up to £3.50

Benefit information

When people call you a ‘couch potato’, you remind them that potatoes sprout pretty flowers if left alone for long enough. When friends offer you popcorn from anything but a cardboard container, you scoff in their faces. Suffice to say, you take movie nights seriously.

Rakuten TV’s online video service paves the way for the perfect bonding session with your settee, offering a huge selection of movies, beamed straight to your living room. 

No more scrolling through endless lists of films you’ve already seen. As a Worldpay Benefits Club member, you can watch a new release in standard-definition on the house every month. Just signup, and start sending out invitations. Rakuten TV makes your movie nights mighty.

Warning: may result in friends who just won’t go home.

Please note: Offer is only available for movies worth up to £3.50

What you’ll get:

A standard-definition movie stream, every month


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Worth £3.50

61271 redeemed

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