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Access a further 10% off magazine subscriptions already discounted by up to 90%

Save money on magazine and newspaper subscriptions through the UK's largest subscription website with 10% off their already heavily-discounted prices

Save £15 - £50

3563 redeemed

Benefit highlights

  1. Get an extra 10% off magazine subscription prices already discounted by up to 90% 

  2. Huge choice with over 2,500 different titles to pick from across a wide range of topics

  3. Free delivery straight to your door

  4. Quick and easy to subscribe for your favourite magazines

  5. Fantastic customer service from iSUBSCRiBE

  6. Read magazines about your hobbies or catch up on the latest industry business news

  7. Treat friends or employees to a subscription to their favourite magazine or an iSUBSCRiBE gift card

Benefit information

Could your business benefit from more industry know-how and insights? Magazines and newspapers are a great source of news on the latest developments in your industry.


iSUBSCRiBE is the UK's leading magazine and newspaper subscription website and work directly with publishers to bring you up to 90% off your subscriptions.


With over 2,500 titles choose magazine subscriptions which are relevant to you and your business. Learn about new technologies and innovations to help carry your business forward, or read about your favourite hobbies to get all the insider information.


Enjoy an EXTRA 10% off your subscriptions on top of iSUBSCRiBE's already heavily-discounted prices when you pay by debit or credit card, or PayPal PLUS FREE delivery.


What You’ll Get

Discounted magazine and newspaper subscriptions

Avoid expensive newsagents and newsstands while keeping up to date with all your favourite magazines for a fraction of the RRP.

iSUBSCRiBE works with publishers to get the best rates and deals available, plus you’ll get a further 10% off, if you pay by debit or credit card or PayPal.


Huge Choice

With over 2,500 different titles choose from, you'll be sure to find subjects which interest and appeal to you.



FREE Delivery

Your subscriptions will be delivered straight to your door for no extra charge - it's convenient and easy.


4 Reasons You’ll Love it

  • You’ll get secret corporate rates usually reserved for large corporations
  • You’ll find magazines to suit absolutely any passion or hobby
  • There’s no need to even leave home to buy your favourite magazine thanks to free delivery
  • iSUBSCRiBE’s fantastic customer service team are happy to help you find some inspiration if you’re not sure what titles to choose.



Why don't I just get my subscription directly through the publisher?

iSUBSCRiBE have negotiated special rates directly with publishers which means you'll get the best rates available PLUS our EXTRA 10% discount - all savings you can reinvest into other areas of the business.


Can I pay by DirectDebit?

You can pay by DirectDebit when using iSUBSCRiBE, however, to get the extra 10% off you will have to pay by debit or credit card or PayPal. Some newspapers are only available via DirectDebit.


How do i redeem this?

It's really easy. We'll give you a code to use on the iSubscribe website; simply enter it when you're ready to check your subscriptions out and your 10% will be applied.



iSUBSCRiBE work directly with magazine and newspaper publishers to bring you the best discounts and special offers available.


They have a dedicated customer service team who will gladly answer any queries, provide you with more information, or even some inspiration!

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Save £15 - £50

3563 redeemed

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