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Unlimited movies from ODEON

Love movies? See as many as you like with special price ODEON Limitless membership

Special rates

Benefit highlights

  1. Great price ODEON Limitless membership

  2. See as many movies as you want at ODEON cinemas

  3. Click 'get this perk' to view your special price

Benefit information

Do more of what you love with ODEON Limitless. One membership lets you see as many movies as you want at cinemas across the UK, and now you can grab your Limitless card at a very special price with Worldpay Benefits Club.

We can't reveal our exclusive rates right here for boring legal reasons, so click 'get this perk' to see exactly how much you'll pay. As always, we promise you're in for a very pleasant surprise!

Movie night, every night

You can book your tickets for any standard public 2D film screening online or at the box office. Just be sure to bring your card along to the cinema to confirm your membership.

Please note: your Odeon Limitless card does not include Central London cinemas (Leicester Square, Leicester Square Studios, Panton Street, Covent Garden, Tottenham Court Road, Marble Arch, Whiteleys and Camden), as well as the BFI IMAX and The Lounge at Whiteleys.

Click here for full Odeon Limitless Terms and Conditions

How it works

  • Once you get this perk, you will need to follow the simple steps below. 

  • Click 'Join Today'

  • On the Your Package step, select "Do you have an ODEON Limitless gift membership voucher or promotional code?" and enter your 23 digit voucher code, then continue.

  • Choose al subscription without Central London

  • Enter your personal details and upload a photo of yourself for your member account and card

  • Once the enrolment process is complete you'll receive an email with a temporary member pass so you can access Limitless cinema right away! We'll also post out your Limitless member card.


What will I have to pay extra for?

Please note you will need to pay extra for 3D screenings, 3D glasses, IMAX, ISENSE, The Gallery, D-Box, Premier seating and any premium screening or seat type.

What can I watch?

Any standard public 2D film screening with standard seating in a standard auditorium, including Blockbuster pricing, ODEON Kids, ODEON Newbies, ODEON Silver Cinema and ODEON Screen Unseen.

Which screenings aren't included?

ODEON Event Cinema (music, theatre, sport etc.), and special or private screenings such as film festivals and premières.

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