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Get 10% off great value toys and games

Save money on everything from board games, to action figures, to paddling pools with The Entertainer

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  1. Buy an Instant Digital Gift Voucher for The Entertainer and save 10%

  2. Spend with The Entertainer just like cash

  3. Whatever you don't spend can be kept for the next time you visit The Entertainer

  4. Combine your saving with any other offer, promotion or deal

  5. Only 1 voucher can be used per purchase online, multiple vouchers can be used in store 

Benefit information

Looking for the latest toys at some of the best prices? The Entertainer bring you everything from board games, to building blocks - from action figures, to paddling pools.

We're giving you 10% when you purchase an instant digital voucher with us, so you can save on everything in store and online.

Find the perfect present

The Entertainer have over 35 years of experience selling toys in the UK, so they're experts at knowing what kids want. Give their present finder a spin and they'll help you narrow down your search. It's perfect for birthdays and special occasions.

Filter by age, gender and price range and The Entertainer will provide you with their pick of the best toys and games available.

You'll find a huge range to choose from. The Entertainer sell action figures, Lego, dolls, board games, dressing up costumes, jigsaws, collectibles, and much more.

Ready when you are

Found the item you were looking for? Order by 7pm to get next day delivery - or collect in store in as little as 30 minutes! The Entertainer have more than 130 stores around the UK, so you're never too far from your nearest branch.

What's an instant digital voucher?

You can spend your digital vouchers exclusively with the brand you've chosen. They work just like cash and can be used in conjunction with sale items or other promotions.

We'll apply your discount when you buy your voucher from us.

So buy a voucher worth £100 and you'll only pay £90.

Instant digital vouchers are delivered to your inbox as soon as you buy them.

*Please note: The Entertainer may refer to this product as a ‘Gift Card'.

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