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Discounted Green Fees at Golf Clubs

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Play affordable golf with six months free Open Fairways membership plus 75% off a further 12 months

Your membership will get you up to 50% off green fees at over 1,600 golf courses worldwide

£22.50 (inc VAT)

Worth £89 | Save 75%

2929 redeemed

Benefit highlights

  1. Get six months free Open Fairways Golf Membership

  2. Plus a further 75% discount on your next 12 months at only £22.50

  3. With your membership you can access up to 50% off green fees at golf courses worldwide

  4. Choose from over 1,600 golf courses across the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand

  5. Play at world-famous golf courses

  6. Further discounts at selected hotels linked to the golf courses

Benefit information

If you love playing golf, then surely you know how expensive it can become.


Enjoy 6 months FREE access to Open Fairways Golf Membership followed by a huge 75% discount on 12 months membership with Worldpay Benefits Club. Altogether you'll only pay £22.50 for 18 months membership, when usually 12 months alone would cost £89.


With your membership you’ll then get up to 50% off at over 1600 golf courses worldwide, including world-famous golf courses like Fulford, The Belfry, The K Club, Vilamoura and La Manga as well as local courses and hidden gems.


So if you fancy yourself as the next Tiger Woods, then this benefit is just what you need. Let golf take up your spare time, not your spare cash… and since you're making such a great saving, maybe it's time to treat yourself to some new golf clubs…


What you’ll get

18 months membership for only £22.50

Get the first 6 months of your 18 month membership completely FREE, followed by a massive 75% discount on the next 12 months. You’ll only pay £22.50 for the duration of the 18 months while 12 month membership alone usually costs £89!


Up to 50% off green fees

To access worldwide golf courses you’ll get up to 50% off their entrance fees for between 1-8 people. Golf needn’t be an expensive hobby anymore with your Open Fairways discounted membership.



Huge Choice

Boasting over 1600 courses worldwide, you’ll be able to choose from local courses, hidden gems and world-famous golf courses like Turnberry, Gleneagles, Royal Dublin, Royal St. David's, Fulford, The Belfry, The K Club, Vilamoura and La Manga and more.


4 reasons you’ll love it

  • 6 months FREE PLUS 75% off the next 12 months Open Fairways Membership

  • Up to 50% off green fees at worldwide golf courses

  • Over 1600 courses to choose from including world-famous golf courses

  • Up to 50% off the rack room rate at over 150 partner hotels in Ireland PLUS 10% off the best available single night rate at participating Radisson Blu and Park Inn Hotels in the UK and Ireland



So how much will I actually pay?

You’ll only pay £22.50 - this includes 6 months membership completely free, as well as 12 months at the reduced rate, so in total you’ll get 18 months membership. 


What does membership get me?

Your membership gives you exclusive access to discounted rates at all of Open Fairways golf courses worldwide. You’ll enjoy up to 50% off for anywhere between 1 and 8 golfers.


About Open Fairways

Open Fairways was established with the aim of linking discerning golfers with quality golf courses at fantastic prices.


Today they pride themselves on providing golfers with access to the very best golf courses throughout Britain and the rest of the world.


Click the "£22.50 with membership" button below to get saving on your next golf game.


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£22.50 (inc VAT)

Worth £89 | Save 75%

2929 redeemed

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