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Hassle-free staffing on-demand

Syft is the market leading flexible staffing platform, providing an efficient, convenient solution for UK employers.

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Benefit highlights

  • 9,000+ experienced hospitality staff available 24/7, from barbacks to sous chefs

  • Compliance, payroll, tax and other admin is handled, saving employers the time and hassle

  • Syft fully vets every worker face-to-face, guaranteeing quality staff on each shift

  • Syft matches your shifts with quality staff, or handpick the workers you want

Benefit information

Syft is pleased to make an exclusive offer to businesses using Worldpay.

With thousands of skilled, experienced hospitality and events workers based across the UK, you'll be able to fill shifts well ahead of time or at the last minute. We have offices in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool.

You can save time and money and conveniently utilise Syft's multi-platform functionality. If you decide to use Syft, the terms we offer are:

  • Three shifts with no commission

  • No upfront cost

If you're already a Syft business client, you won't be eligible for the offer. Fees of 12.5% apply after the three commission-free shifts.

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