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Spindle Invoice Payments Module

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You can integrate your invoice payments with Worldpay. Add Pay Now buttons to your invoices, pro-forma invoices and statements and deliver via email in batch, all with a single click.

Spindle Invoice Payments Module

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Benefit highlights

  • Get paid faster

  • Email batch documents in a single click

  • Add a professional look to invoices

  • Automatically attach supporting documents to outgoing communications

Benefit information

Get paid faster - Add a Pay Now button to take payments directly from your invoices, pro-forma invoices or statements via Worldpay. Your customers can instantly pay online using a debit or credit card.

Email batch documents in a single click - Deliver all your invoices via email with a single click, all with the Pay Now button to encourage fast and easy payments.

Add a professional look to invoices - Apply branded templates to your documents to enhance your corporate identity. You can add multiple stationery sets and language variations, making sure the right document is sent to the right person with the right stationery set.

Automatically attach supporting documents to outgoing communications. Reduce queries for copy invoices when sending out statements by automating the process - automatically attach all relevant invoices to a statement, featuring the Pay Now button for instant payment.

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