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A year's free web hosting

Get your website online with Cloud Next's advanced, fast, and reliable web hosting technology

Save £40 - £190

Benefit highlights

  1. Get any Cloud Next package, free for a year

  2. Free transfer of your existing website

  3. Super-fast load speeds

  4. Goodbye downtime - super reliable service

Benefit information

Your website is one of the most important things your business owns, so making sure it's hosted somewhere fast and reliable is essential.

Unfortunately, that kind of service comes at a cost, which means many business owners end up sacrificing speed, or reliability for a cheaper package.

That's why we want to give you a year's free web hosting from Cloud Next. You can choose any of their packages, and if you want to continue your subscription after 12 months, pricing starts at just £39.99 a year.

The perfect host

Cloud Next have harnessed the power of cloud technology to bring web hosting up to speed.

Your website will be part of a larger cluster, which basically means if something goes wrong, you'll get automatically moved onto spare hardware. In other words: everything will keep on working, and you won't notice a thing.

Free managed transfer means Cloud Next will help you move your existing site, plus you can add as many additional websites as you like.

Click ‘redeem' to find out more about the available packages.

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Save £40 - £190

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