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Discover 100 years of style, fashion and quality with the finest professional clothing from T M Lewin

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Exclusive discounts on fine clothing from T M Lewin

Discover 100 years of style, fashion and quality with the finest professional clothing from T M Lewin

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  1. Exclusive members-only discounts on all T M Lewin Clothing

  2. Ever-changing deals keep you (and your wardrobe) on your toes 

  3. Smart clothes that keep you looking your best all day, every day

  4. Over 100 years experience in style

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Oscar Wilde once said “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” and we can’t help but agree. In a fast-moving world it’s incredibly important that you impress on your first meeting because it might be the only chance you get.

What do your clothes say about you?

Shop at T M Lewin and get exclusive discounts on quality, stylish formalwear.


Exclusive, ever-changing discounts online & in-store.
Discounts change every 2 – 6 weeks. Return to this page to discover how much you can save.

A History of Quality

Founded in 1898, T M Lewin has been at the forefront of style, fashion and quality for over 100 years. Their selection of shirts, ties and luxury suits has kept business men and women looking smart throughout the last 3 centuries.

Shopping at T M Lewin guarantees you two things: quality and innovation. These are the cornerstones which underline everything they do.

Man, I Feel Good

We hear it said so often that we have to choose between comfort and style, fashion or function. Why should that be a decision we have to make? Why can’t the clothes we wear every day, look as great as the clothes we wear on special occasions?

T M Lewin boasts the largest range of styles and sizes – guaranteeing both comfort and fashion. The crafting of each shirt is meticulous, since the full process including fabric design is managed and implemented by specialist in-house teams.

Honest Quality

As a member, you’ll always get the best prices from T M Lewin and there’s a really good reason for that: Once you’ve tried shopping with them, we think it’ll be a partnership made for life.

T M Lewin is already the preferred choice for professional men and women, so you’ll be in good company. 

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Save £5 - £75

12895 redeemed

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