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Get up to 25% off wholesale distribution software*

Exact for Wholesale Distribution can help keep you in the loop, wherever you are. Experience the most comprehensive software for SMEs with discounts of up to 25%.

Save £30 - £62

Benefit highlights

  1. View insightful information about your business, wherever you are

  2. Includes logistics, inventory management, CRM and accounting data

  3. Fully automated services

  4. Access data on your desktop, or on the Exact smartphone app

Benefit information

Get the information you need to make better business decisions with up to 25% off Exact’s intelligent software*. 

Ideal for SMEs, Exact for Wholesale Distribution allows you to access important logistics, CRM, inventory and accounting information at anytime on your PC, tablet or smartphone. 

Sales made simple

You don’t have to be in the office to stay in the know. Your Exact sales dashboard displays everything from to-do lists to current orders, so you’ll always know what’s happening in your company. 

As Exact for Wholesale Distribution is connected to the cloud, you can look up a contact or browse a catalogue anywhere, anytime.

Efficient logistics

Complete with access to supplier and customer agreements, your Exact software offers everything you need to keep track of your company’s stock and shipping periods, including:

  • Status of current orders

  • Alerts when stock falls below a certain level  

  • Freedom to adjust stock counts, update costs, print labels and arrange delivery between your suppliers and customers

A seamless experience

Easy inventory management is just the beginning. Exact for Wholesale Distribution can help streamline every step of the buying process – for customers, for suppliers and for you.

  • Send invoices via a digital mailbox 

  • Import bank statements and match them to outstanding items

  • Get insights into your purchase history

Plus, if you need to share your Exact software with a third party solution, that’s no problem. Exact’s cloud integration means there’s plenty of room for everyone. 

*Please note: this discount is vaild for 12 months from redemption

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Save £30 - £62

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