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Phil Lee | Schooldays Of Bromsgrove - Worcestershire |

About Schooldays Of Bromsgrove

I sell quality clothing to schools and colleges and also supply quality corporate and workwear all with excellent customer service. My motto is "buy the best and sell it cheap".

What benefits did you enjoy from the Worldpay Benefits Club?

My favourite benefit by country miles is the Google Discovery Pack. It really got me noticed all over the web, and the help and excellent advice from the Google expert Rosa have been second to none. The Google Discovery Pack is amazing, it has helped so much with SEO and my ranking on Google. I now have over 12,000 views on my Google page, as well as three reviews and an improvement on my search placement on Google. 

Would you recommend the Worlpay Benefits Club to others?

Yes, it's worth joining Worldpay if only to be in the Benefits club, and just for the chance to move yourself up on search engines.