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"The Worldpay Benefits Club is great!"

Igor Silva | Perola Do Mar |

About Perola Do Mar

We are a small Portuguese Restaurant & Cafe that has over ten years experience in catering in Portugal. Although this is our first business over in the UK, we like to think we deliver something different and unique to Lancashire, bringing a little bit of Portugal to you.

What has been your favourite benefit so far?

On a personal level, I have really enjoyed using the tastecard to try out new restaurants with 50% off.

Would you recommend the Worldpay Benefits Club to other people? 

I would definitely recommend Worldpay Benefits Club – not only for the amazing business benefits you get, but also for the personal benefits you can use in your day-to-day life. 

What has your experience been like with the Worldpay Benefits Club so far?

The decent prices Worldpay has to offer along with the Benefits Club is a convincing reason to stay. We have not been with Worldpay or the club for very long but our experience so far has been great.