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"The service is wonderful"

Toni Shand | Half Baked Beautique |

About Half Baked Beautique

My business is a sunbed and beauty Salon, providing a variety of high-quality services with the aim of leaving clients happy, healthy, beautiful and bronzed. We are always researching the industry to make amazing new treatments and products available to our clients.

What has been your favourite benefit so far?

On a personal level, the cinema tickets have been great and I use this benefit regularly. Business wise, I have taken advantage of many benefits with Mailigen being the most used for my business – I used it monthly to create and distribute brilliant-looking newsletters with ease!

How has the Worldpay Benefits Club helped your business?

The Benefits Club has expanded my ideas of what we can do for the company, and I look forward to discovering more benefits and helping the business to save money.

I would definitely stay with Worldpay for the Benefits Club. Worldpay as a card terminal is slightly more expensive than my previous supplier (approximately £10 more per month) but the savings my business can and does make with the Benefits Club makes it worthwhile – what other clubs can you join with all these benefits for just £10 a month?

How do you feel about the benefits club overall?

Overall, my experience with the Worldpay Benefits Club has been positive. I am always telling people about my savings and sharing them with the team. Anytime I have had queries about redeeming a benefit, I have had a quick and helpful response from both the Worldpay Benefits Club and/or the company providing the benefit. I like it as well that the Benefits Club get in touch with benefits they are looking to add and if we would be interested.