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"The Google Discovery Pack is amazing for business!"

| London Ear Centre |

About London Ear Centre

London Ear Centre, located within the heart of London's renowned medical precinct, offers audiological services of the highest and most up to date standards. We are a dynamic and forward thinking independent audiology service, and with the latest diagnostic and rehabilitative equipment and techniques at the disposal of our team of clinical specialists, it is guaranteed that all our patients will benefit from the most accurate and comprehensive level of audiological attention. In the majority of cases, the team will be able to assist with the management if not rehabilitate most ear related problems, and advise on the best forms of hearing protection and preservation.

What has been your favourite benefit so far?

Definitely the Google Discovery Pack, it has helped massively in terms of business, leads and contacts we have received because of this. The service you receive with this benefit is superb.

What has your experience been like with the Worldpay Benefits Club?

We are very satisfied and we would definitely stay with Worldpay because of the benefits club! I would recommend the benefits club and Worldpay to other business owners because of the great customer service.