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"The Google Discovery Pack has given me a standout presence online"

Danny | DG Hypnotherapy |

About DG Hypnotherapy

DG Hypnotherapy is a solution-focused hypnotherapy and psychotherapy service currently operating within Exeter. This therapy helps people to understand their issues, conquer phobias, greatly reduce stress, gain confidence, control anger, remove anxiety, eliminate addictions and much more.

What has been your favourite benefit so far? 

By far it has been the Google Discovery Pack. It’s given me a standout presence online, especially on Google. Now when people search for my business I am easily found. On my business page, I am able to give details on the service I provide, and it receives a surprising amount of views each month thanks to the optimisation help I received from the Google expert.

Would you recommend the Worldpay Benefits Club to other people?

Yes! Besides the business benefits, there's plenty of personal goodies, such as the special priced cinema tickets which are great. I'm excited to try out even more of the benefits that are on offer to my business. The Benefits Club would likely be a main contributing factor to my choice of staying with Worldpay or not as there is so much on offer.

What has your overall experience with the Worldpay Benefits Club been like?

I'm more than satisfied with the benefits I've taken advantage of so far. It offers genuinely useful benefits that are easy to redeem.