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"The benefits offered on the platform assist us with nationwide exposure."

Richard | Nationwide Service Repair Network |

About Nationwide Service Repair Network

Nationwide Service Repair Network deal with all aspects of car service, MOT and repairs, from start to finish. This includes getting a quote, booking the car in at one of our approved independent garages and managing the work required to keep the cost for the customer to a minimum.

By being completely open with our customer on the work that needs to be carried out and by delivering at a competitive price, we ensure you the best possible customer experience.

What have been your favourite benefits so far? Why?

There has been a broad range of benefits available through our Worldpay membership. It's very beneficial to keep an eye on the offers as new additions are being added each week and the platform becomes more relevant. Of particular interest to us has been the discounted fuel card offer.

How has the Worldpay benefits club helped your business?

As we offer a nationwide operation, it’s particularly difficult to get the right exposure across the country, and engage both SME and retail customers  as we offer both fleet and retail servicing. The business benefits offered on the platform assist us with this exposure.