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"The benefits club has been invaluable for us so far!"

Peter Collis | Novelty Toy World |

About Novelty Toy World

We are a bulk quantities wholesaler and importer of toys, novelties, clothes and accessories, and many more fun and interesting novelty gifts and supplies for the UK and Europe. We deal in larger quantities than most other toy wholesalers, yet our quantities are smaller than manufacturers – providing our customers with a low price per unit at manageable product numbers. We also offer affordable novelty product sourcing and import services for customers who can't find what they're looking for elsewhere

What have been your favourite benefits so far? Why?

Our favourite benefits so far have been the Priority business listings across local and national directories, and three months free SEO services from Click Submit. Both of these benefits have driven a new audience to our website, and in our opinion will continue to help increase our website traffic over the next few months.

How has the Worldpay Benefits Club helped your business?

Using Worldpay technology on our relatively new website – and the Benefits Club membership that comes with it – has been invaluable to us so far. We are looking forward to making more use of the business-related benefits soon, and we have our eyes on a lot of personal benefits too! So far we've saved around £400 with the benefits we've redeemed

Would you recommend the Worldpay Benefits Club to other people? Why?

We certainly would. The savings alone from the personal and business benefits make it a no-brainer.