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"The benefits are real, valuable and effective."

Lynn Allison | Peak Dale Products - Derbyshire |

About Peak Dale Products

Craft, hobby, and art shops buy their products from us wholesale. We wholesale over 3,500 craft and hobby products – from feathers and beads to copper and balsa, as well as unique kits for the most popular hobbies. The company is family-owned and run, and based in the Peak District of Derbyshire.

What has been your favourite benefit so far?

We love the marketing benefits – we are wholesalers and it adds significantly to the value we can get from our budget.

How has the Worldpay Benefits Club helped your business?

We’ve had a huge impact from Userlike. Being able to chat to visitors online while they get used to our new website (and we learn how to best service them) has been incredibly informative and helpful – that’s information we could not have got in any other way.

Would you recommend the Worldpay Benefits Club to other people?

Yes – the benefits are real, valuable and effective.

What has your overall experience with the Worldpay Benefits Club been like?

Easy to deal with and effortlessly effective.