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"It's great for all SMEs."

James Dawson | T Plus Drinks - East Sussex |

About T Plus Drinks

T Plus is an industry-first range of vitamin-enriched teas blended for function. These are made by blending green tea with herbs, fruit and vitamins. The first four teas we have launched are: t + immunity, t + detox, t + multi vitamin and t + boost. Our young, vibrant branding has helped us stand out in the standard, stuffy world of tea. We launched just a few months ago, but we’ve had great success in a crowded tea market. Our mission is the humble cup of tea work just a little bit harder for your health!

Would you recommend the Worldpay Benefits Club to others?

Yes, it has obviously helped in terms of saving money, but also in giving access to things we as a start-up business hadn't thought about or thought may be out of reach. For example, the PR Newswire benefit gave us a far-reaching press release. It's great for all SMEs and features so many tangible, useful benefits. Most of these have or can help us in some way, so it’s been useful to us as a start-up – and saved us a lot of money! We only launched our business a few months ago and keeping control of costs is important for us. We’ve been leaning on the Benefits Club for amazing discounts and offers where we can, and it’s really helped move us forward.