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"It has saved us money on a whole manner of things."

Ben Horle | Sussex Chef |

About Sussex Chef

Sussex Chef is a purposely small catering company with big capabilities. We set out to do business on a personal level – whether it’s with our discerning clients or our local food producers and growers. We believe all our food should be the best quality available, as local as possible and served in a relaxed yet attentive manner.

What have been your favourite benefits so far?

Free mobile insurance,% off with Sainsbury’s and, and also the Hotpoint Privilege Purchase Club. 

How has the Benefits Club helped your business?

I am sure the amount we have saved through the Benefits Club, up against the amount we pay to use Worldpay for our card transactions is very close indeed. I have no doubt that we have saved nearly as much as the services cost if not a little more.

Would you recommend the Benefits Club?

I would recommend the Worldpay Benefits Club to everyone. It has saved us money on a whole manner of things, from fuel to washing machines and lots more. It is really refreshing that a large company such as Worldpay has come up with a fantastic service that even small businesses such as ourselves can benefit from.