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"I'm really happy with the great benefits on the Benefits Club."

Ian Morgan | Skullianz Tattoo Studio - Camberley |

About Skullianz Tattoo Studio

We offer an all-round tattoo experience in our clean, modern, environmental health-registered studio. Please feel free to browse our site, and check out the gallery of work. If you prefer, why not pop in to see us and have a chat with our tattoo artist Ian? He has 20 years of experience working in the tattoo industry and will gladly chat about your tattoo needs over a cuppa. It doesn’t matter if you’re a tattoo virgin looking for your first bit of ink, or an avid collector trying to fill those last few gap – we will endeavour to assist you in your quest as best we can.

What do you think about the Worldpay Benefits Club?

The Worldpay Benefit Club has been really helpful to my business. I’ve just opened my studio at the end of September, so getting more customers and more publicity is important to me.

I’ve used the PR Newswire benefit and I’ve submitted my press release. I can see that it’s already up across the web. This can help my business and website as it’s being seen by Google and people searching for a tattoo studio.

I’m also looking forward to the Google Maps optimization as I want my studio to be known to all the people in my area. The business listings will also be useful. You have to make sure they know you are there.

As a new business, marketing is important to me and I’m happy to have benefited from some of the discounts. I’m keen to see what else it can offer.

I’ve also used the shopping cards, which is nice extra for my personal shopping.

Would you recommend the Worldpay Benefits Club to others?

I’m really happy with the service Worldpay has provided me with the terminal and the great benefits found in the Benefits Club.

I would highly recommend the Benefits Club. I don’t plan on going anywhere else because there is such a wide range of offers available. There is something there for everyone. Not all businesses are the same but I can imagine how some of these are really important to some businesses, such as the debt collection offer I’ve seen.