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"I would highly recommend the Worldpay Benefits Club"

Sarah Watmore | Miss.Milly |

About Miss.Milly

Miss Milly is a British designer, wholesaler, `and retailer of costume jewelry and scarves. In the three years since it has launched, the brand has established a great reputation for quality, design-led products that are a bit different to what you would normally find on the high street and with excellent value price tags. 

What has been your favourite benefit so far? 

The Total Motor Assist is a great benefit and after signing up for it, I’ve been offered extras like mobile phone cover. Hopefully I’ll never need to use any of the policies but knowing they are there if I do is very reassuring.

How has the Worldpay benefits club helped your business?

The free Mailigen email marketing software has been an excellent tool to improve communications with my customers and I’d highly recommend it. The functionality compared to other email services that I could get is far superior.

Would you recommend the Worldpay Benefits Club to other people?

Yes, definitely, if you’re with Worldpay it takes nothing to sign up and there are great benefits for your business and personally. I’ve taken advantage of the cheap cinema tickets a few times, which is a superb benefit. Not all the business benefits will be applicable to all businesses but there is definitely something to suit everybody.

What has your overall experience with the Worldpay Benefits Club been like?

A very straightforward process. I would highly recommend the Club, it’s a fantastic add-on to the Worldpay service and I must remember to keep checking back to see what else I could make use of to help grow and improve my business.