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"Having free access to a benefits platform is a fantastic extra."

Sophie Kirkpatrick | Atlas & I |

About Atlas & I

At Atlas & I, we create personalised unique gifts printed with a vintage map location of your choice.

What have been your favourite benefits so far? Why?

My favourite benefit so far is definitely the meal deals with tastecard. Who doesn’t love getting a discount when eating out?

How has the Worldpay Benefits Club helped your business?

The free Google Discovery Pack has been very advantageous for my business. I never realised that a spot on Google Maps was so important for businesses wanting an online presence, so it's great that Worldpay offer this.

Would you recommend the Worldpay Benefits Club to other people? Why?

Being a Worldpay customer has changed the way my business operates for the better. Having free access to a benefits platform is a fantastic extra – so the real question should be: “Why not”?