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"Everyone loves a bargain and this is a bargain."

Reece | Macie's Kidz - Manchester |

About Macie's Kidz

We are a children's designer clothing store and have only been opened since January! We obviously needed a card machine when opening and Worldpay were the first company we went to. We knew we could rely on Worldpay to help us when first setting up!.

What benefits did you enjoy from the Worldpay benefits club?

We especially love Bing ad free credit and this helped promote our website, we have a lot of traffic and we did not pay a penny!

Would you recommend the Worldpay benefits club?

Yes, everyone loves a bargain and if that includes everyday items for our business? Yes please! So thank you Worldpay! and thank you Huddlebuy - the future for Macie's Kidz is bright and you have been a part of our success!